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Know your sh:t ? tv program

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Hi Folks, I have been watching a programme with the above title. It’s basically all about healthy and not so healthy gut problems. It’s amazing what percentage of the population suffers from problems. In fact it said 1 in 350 people have a stoma half of those temporary but that’s still incredible to believe. Now that’s in the UK but am certain its similar all over. Also it had a Young girl featured who was living with crohns. The future with a bag terrified her (understandably) she was introduced to another girl her age. Both are 23 and the it was a real relief for the girl facing surgery to see and ask the questions she had. Shows how support and example can be so important. It’s a channel 4 program here in the UK. Definitely worth the watch if you can get it ?

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John... that sounds intresting! I know myself I felt very alone until I found this community of Osto-buddies here! Thank you Eric..and everyone. !!! 

If anyone in Canada (esp. B.C.) can find this program, PLEASE note what station & channel here, I'd be interested in watching this also.  My eyes are just not great at all so I'm not good at finding much on screens. 

Thank you! 


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I’m in the States - if anybody should find how to watch this here I’d sure appreciate your letting us know!

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Thanks for sharing, @john68!

I was able to watch it using a paid VPN set to London, UK and using a dummy account to log in. ? 

I love these types of programs.

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@veganostomy That's great Eric!! Lolol...